Very exciting. Childhood friends accidentally meet 70 years later

We can make friends throughout our lives, but probably no one will be as important as childhood friends will.

When a child makes friends, the concept of friendship is very simple; Relationships between childhood friends are something special and unique.

Childhood friendship is complicit, free and sincere. Childhood friends bring back wonderful and magical moments to us,

they remind us that life is a good thing and every moment should be appreciated. With childhood friends, we do not have to hide, pretend,

or try to be someone else we are not, because they really know us. Childhood friends are always there regardless of time and distance.

Years may pass, but when we meet them, there is always something that connects us together. They are a great excuse for time travel.

Elderly best friends reunited in Stafford after 70 years apart | Express &  Star

This is exactly the story that happened to the elderly women Bortman and Gill. The women have been friends since childhood.

Their houses were next door. They went to the same school and spent all their free time together.

However, after graduating from high school, they parted ways.

Gill got married, and the Bortman went to study in another city. Each of them began their own adult life.

At first, women tried to keep in touch, called and wrote letters, congratulated each other on the New Year and birthdays.

Best friends reunite in care home after 70 years apart | You

However, over time, the connection broke off. Many years have passed since then. Bortman had health problems.

She never married and had no one to look after her. She decided to move to a nursing home. Walking around the yard, she met a familiar person.

Elderly best friends reunited in Stafford after 70 years apart | Express &  Star

Taking a closer look at the old woman, she recognized her childhood friend Gill in her. The women could not believe that they met again after so many years.

Gill said that she had problems with her legs for a long time and it was diffi cult for her to walk.

On reflection, she decided that it would be better to move to a nur sing home, to be looked after by the medical staff.

Two childhood best friends rekindle their friendship in care home after 70  years apart | Metro News

After all, children and grandchildren are busy with work and they are not at home during the day.

Luckily, friends chose the same place. They were happy to find each other again.

Bortman and Gill seemed to feel again those perky cheerful girls that they were in childhood.

Now they are inseparable, walking together, having lunch and spending time in long conversations. After all, they had not seen each other for a lifetime.


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