In the modern world, people rarely write letters, except perhaps electronic ones, quickly tapping their fingers on the keys and sending short messages to their loved ones.

However, earlier, when there was no Internet and telephones, paper letters were the main way of communication between two hearts in love.

A letter is not just a piece of paper with text written on it, sent to someone to convey information or to communicate with the people we need.

Nevertheless, not everything is just like that. Thinking over the text, people put into the letter their love and  joy .

A written sheet stores your energy and smell. Letters were kept close to the heart and re-read from time to time, stirring tender feelings.

In the old days, when letters were carried on horseback or in mail coaches, they were written for a long time, slowly and cordially.

A precious letter, having overcome more than one kilometer, shortened the distance between loving hearts and replaced a personal meeting.

Nowadays, the letter has lost its meaning as an indispensable means of communication, receded into the background and almost forgotten. Yes, people have changed.

But it’s so nice to read lines written from the heart on paper. In Germany, the tradition of writing letters is alive to this day.

One amazing tree has been working as a mail carrier of love for many years. This is an old oak tree with a hollow in it.

According to legend, many years ago, two loving young people were forced to correspond secretly, as their parents were against their marriage.

They left letters for each other in the hollow of an oak tree.

Their love story ended with a happy conclusion, they got married. The oak stands for half a century. Lonely people leave letters in the hollow in the hope of finding their love.

The authorities even gave the tree a postal address. Now everybody can send a letter from any current in the world to the hollow of an oak tree.

The mail carriers call the oak “the tree of love”. This very sweet tradition has connected many lonely hearts.

Anyone can choose a letter and start corresponding with the author.

It is noteworthy that during the existence of this oak “dating service”, more than 100 marriages were concluded, and those who made good pen pals are much more.

Today, the oak has already acquired not only a postal address, but also an e-mail address and a website,

so everyone who still believes in romance and desperately wants to find love can try their luck.

There is even a ladder next to the oak, so that it would be convenient to climb up to the hollow and choose a random letter.


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