This is not only a tree, but also a place of entertainment. Here’s how beautiful the inside of this tree is.

All children love to build tree houses and spend the whole day playing there.

If earlier such houses were just children’s entertainment, today such structures have become a separate art form.

However, if we turn to history, even in ancient times, tree houses played a completely different role.

However, gradually they were actually supplanted by thick-walled ground houses,

which coped with these tasks much better. Moreover, today, a tree house is seen rather than as a living space, but as a play space: in big cities, building tree houses is impractical, if not impossible.

However, today the tree house successfully exists with buildings on the ground.   The design of such houses is very diverse.

Architects are trying to give the houses various non-standard forms,  and most importantly, to make the house harmonize with the village.

Вокруг дерева установили фигурные лавки, которые плавно переходят в лестницу (Israel Museum, Иерусалим).

In Jerusalem, a tree house was built in the courtyard of the Museum of Art, which deserves special attention.

The museum administrators decided to transform the courtyard so that visitors could not only look at handmade woodwork, but also relax.

A separate recreation area with benches and a playground was organized in the yard,

and a tree growing in the middle of the yard was used to build a house.

The house was designed in such a way as not to harm the tree and not disturb its natural growth cycle.

«Лесную полянку» прикрыли резиновым покрытием, на котором можно и поиграть, и полежать (Israel Museum, Иерусалим).

The organizers set themselves the primary task of preserving the  landscape without harming quality and presentability ad apting to the terrain.

Lessons for young people are taught in this part of the museum, so it was important to organize the space in such a way that neither adults nor children would be bored.

Реечная конструкция домика позволяет пропускать свет и обеспечивает естественную вентиляцию (Israel Museum, Иерусалим). | Фото:

The design of the house is a continuation of a long bench, but it can also be reached by a ladder-pipe, which was made especially for children.

One of the walls has been replaced by a large window that offers a view of the artwork.

In the evening, many small lamps illuminate the trunk of the tree and the light fills the house, giving it a fabulous look..

Some architects believe that the tree house is not an archaic relic that can entertain a modern person like a living space of the future

В темное время суток домик на дереве превращается в особенный арт-объект (Israel Museum, Иерусалим).

This is a way to harmonize the relationship between man and nature. In modern architectural projects, the structure of the tree house,

the ratio of man-made and natural is being rethought. In addition, these are not always playgrounds and recreation areas.

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