This family chose to buy a small house, but the inside of the house is really wonderful. Photos:

Very often people all over the world face the problem of housing. Many cannot afford to buy a house, and many do not want to take out a mortgage .

However, you can always find the best solution and come up with a way out of the situation.

Today, some developers offer budget options for small houses, but their cost depends on the location, the class of buildings and the remoteness of the infrastructure.

However, the budget of buying a small house is obvious due to the small number of square meters and the lack of extra land for which you will need to pay extra.

Military family

So did one family from New Zealand. They did not spend their savings on a mortgage payment, but bought a small mobile home.

A  family of four settled into a small trailer thanks to a clever layout. Projects of small houses up to 50 square meters are most often attracted by their simplicity and accessibility.

Tiny house

They can be used for permanent residence, as a summer residence or a house for the summer.

The family opted for a mobile home as they moved frequently due to work.

They no longer have to rent rooms in hostels, because they can take their house with them everywhere.

The area of ​​the house made it possible to organize a separate bedroom for the daughters, which was located on the second floor.

The minus is that the ceiling turned out to be low, but this is not a problem for girls. They only sleep in the bedrooms, and do their homework in a cozy living room.

The house also has a spacious kitchen with all amenities.

Tiny house

Small permanent residences may not be very convenient for large families, but at the same time they have a lot of other advantages.

Housing and communal services are expected to be lower due to the small area, and with a sufficient level of energy efficiency and economical attitude,

they can be completely reduced to a minimum.
Regardless of the area, private houses involve a certain local area. A married couple took advantage of this opportunity and made a spacious terrace in front of the house.

This place has become a favorite for the whole family. Girls in the warm season do their homework outdoors, and in autumn and spring,

they spend time outdoors with a cup of tea with the whole family. There is always something to do in big houses.

This includes cleaning, current repairs, and other things that cannot be done without.

There are fewer household chores in small houses with a small area, which means more free time for the owners.


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