The little boy dances ballet so well that everyone looks on in awe

All children, deep down, have secret dreams and desires. And dreams can come true very unexpectedly, when nobody expects it.

An ordinary boy named Anthony lives in Nigeria.

He has been fond of dancing since childhood. Anthony studies at the ballet school.

In Nigeria, ballet is not very developed and children rarely choose this type of dance.

But Anthony’s parents were very creative people and from childhood they instilled in their child a love of art.

From the age of six, the boy began to study ballet and showed good abilities

Anthony Mmesoma Madu went from dancing barefoot in the streets to viral ballet star | CNN

Ballet is not just a dance. This is a complex art form, so not everyone can afford to take on such a burden. Ballet is a very special kind of art.

The dancers use their body language to tell the audience different stories.

Drama and comedy are embodied in choreographic images.

Ballet is one of the most beautiful art forms. It is complex both in creation and in understanding.

Sometimes the enormous work that stands behind the performance is invisible from the auditorium.

Classical ballet is a separate world full of fabulous images, incredible musical harmonies, games, movements, plastics, colors and light.

It is a combination of all the arts, including musical accompaniment, dancing, acting and the brightness of the scenery.

Nigerian ballet dancer Anthony Mmesoma Madu gets scholarship following viral video - BBC News

Anthony knew all the difficulties and did very well.

A couple of years later, the boy became the best student of the school and began to participate in various theatrical performances.

His dream was to become a professional dancer and get a good education. A lucky chance sealed his fate.

The school once made a video of Anthony dancing a ballet in the rain.

Nigerian boy captivates world with dance-in-the-rain video, receives scholarship - Chicago Sun-Times

The boy danced very gracefully and sincerely. He showed excellent technique and flexibility.

Even an adult dancer could envy his plasticity. The video of the dance quickly went viral on the internet.

The boy received a lot of feedback and words of admiration. The dance captivated the choreographer from the famous ballet school in the USA..

He showed the video to management. Everyone was sure that Anthony had a great talent.

The school invited the boy to America for free education at a ballet school. Anthony won the lucky ticket. His happiness knew no bounds.

After all, he got the opportunity to get a good education and find a good job.

And most importantly, this work will become his favorite pastime.

He will do everything so that the complex and multifaceted art of ballet will surely resonate

in the soul of every spectator with its unusualness and scale.



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