The couple finally gave birth to a daughter – after 10 sons

In Britain it is not so common to meet large families. Howeveр David and Brittany are the exception.

They are raising ten boys. When the couple married Bretann was twenty-one years old. In the beginning,

they didn’t plan on having so many children. A year later their first son was born.

The parents were happy. Then, over the course of 15 years, they had nine more sons, although Brittany really wanted a girl.

When the woman became pregnant for the eleventh time, no one doubted that there would be a boy again.

But fate prepared a surprise for them, finally the long-awaited daughter was born.

The news was a real sensation for the whole family.

Their acquaintances believed that spouses have children because of government benefits.

But David earns well and can provide for his family without outside help. According to David, the daughter changed them all.

The boys have become more calm, they always try to help in some way, rock their sister to sleep, walk with her.

There are always difficulties with raising children in large families. Brittany also experienced this.

According to the woman, it is especially difficult to raise boys.

Since David spends almost all his time at work to provide for his family financially, all the worries and upbringing of the children fell on the shoulders of Brittany.

She tries to be not just a mother to her sons, but also a friend. It is very important that children trust their parents, and not be afraid of them.

This method will help in the future to avoid problems with bad habits and bad companies.

Parents admit that there are times when they are very tired mentally and physically, but despite this they are happy and grateful to God for their children.

The birth of a daughter gave them new strength. After all, now they will grow not only tomboys, but also a princess.

Although the baby is still very small, Brittany managed to buy bows and dolls.

She is calm for her daughter, because she has so many defenders.

The brothers are are always take care of their little sister.

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