It is impossible not to like the funny video of the children. They are fives

There is no single answer to the question of what is the meaning of our life. However, one thing is clear – a lonely person cannot be happy.

When we are young, it seems to us that we will always strive for career growth and will be constantly on the move.

Nevertheless, with age, our views and thoughts change, we strive for comfort and peace; we are again drawn to our parents and to the home of our childhood.

Then we create our own family and life takes on new meaning. Love changes all previous beliefs. But a family cannot be complete without the birth of children.


Children fill the house with warmth and happiness. Their pure and selfless love fills the heart with joy and the mind with optimism.

Every married couple has the right to decide how many children they will have. People are increasingly striving for ease and don’t try to bother themselves with household chores.

Therefore, in our time, more and more families in which only one child grows up. However, statistics show that parents with many children feel much happier and harmony reigns in their relationship despite the difficulties associated with raising children.

Mom and toddlers
The Scott’s family never thought about how many children they would have. When Skyler became pregnant, she was in anticipation of a happy motherhood.

But she did not imagine that motherhood would be multiplied by five. The Scotts had five children – three girls and two boys.

Life has changed 360 degrees. Happy parents from morning to morning were busy caring for the kids.

According to Skyler, the first two years were the hardest. Sometimes relatives helped them, but the main responsibility lay on the shoulders of the parents.


Today the kids are five years old. They are like little fidgets who love to play and run around. Skyler periodically takes them to jump on trampolines.

According to the woman, this helps them to spend the accumulated energy. Skyler and her husband always talk about their children with love and warmth.

They consider themselves happy despite being tired. Then, children have no time to be bored, because they can always play together, and in the future,

they will support each other.
Living in a large family is always interesting and fun. There are so many loved ones around and everyone is different.

The world is becoming unpredictable, which means fascinating and surprising.

There is more joy, positive emotions and inspiration in a big family. Each family member shares his impressions and experiences,

contributes to the overall emotional wealth.

Families with several children are usually friendlier. Family ties in them are stronger; there is more cohesion than in small families.

Children grow up more responsive, they willingly take care of each other. They just get used to living that way.

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