Can you imagine friends of 60 years finding out they are blood brothers?

How often it happens that we communicate with a person all our life, but we do not know who he really is. In Hawaii, two men Alan and Walter were close friends.

They have been friends since childhood. Their families lived next door, and the men went to the same school and studied in the same class.

They were very connected to each other and even similar together. After graduation, they both began to play in the same football team.

Alan and Walter had similar life stories. Alan did not remember his parents. A foster family raised him.

Despite the fact that they loved him as a native, he always dreamed of finding out who his biological parents were.

Walter lived with his father and stepmother and dreamed of meeting his own mother. They both signed up for a site that looks for blood relationships.

Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane

What was Alan’s surprise when he found out that his closest relative was Walter. DNA test showed that the men are brothers.

They were not only best friends but also brothers. It is as if they have to know each other. It turns out that they have a nephew, uncles and aunts. It was a real surprise.

All their lives they lived side by side and did not know about their relationship. Alan and Walter are similar in appearance, but they never attached any importance to this.

Together they decided to find their biological mother and began the search.

Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane
According to recent research, there is always a certain relationship between close friends.

The researchers compared the genetic sequences of nearly 2,000 people who were not biologically related.

It turned out that friends have much more common gene variations than strangers.

Humans are unique in that they form long-term bonds with members of their own species.

People prefer the company of people they are similar to.
Most people don’t even know what their fifth cousins look like.

However, one way or another, among the many possibilities, they manage to choose people who resemble their relatives as friends.

Not surprisingly, close friends turned out to be relatives.


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