And how would you react if your daughter-in-law’s dress was worn by your grandson years later? Here’s how grandma responded

Grandmothers play a big role in raising granddaughters.

There is so much warmth in their home and how much joy in their eyes when their grandchildren come to visit them.

It is said that grandmothers love their grandchildren even more than their children.

Parents are always in a hurry somewhere, they can get annoyed and break down on children, and often do not pay attention to them at all.

Энни в бабушкином платье. Женщина с восторгом смотрит на свой наряд на внучке

Grandmothers are more calm and balanced, they have a lot of free time, they have life experience, they have nowhere to rush.

There is always a special spiritual bond between a grandmother and a granddaughter.

The girl in many ways imitates her grandmother: smart, reasonable,

wise as a woman. She learns from her how to run a household, sew, knit, and cook.

Свадьба удалась благодаря наряду

If there are such relationships in the family, then the girl has every chance to grow up happy and loved.

She will always remember that her grandmother is ready to listen, support and understand her.

Ellie Livingter was very connected with her grandmother, the girl spent a lot of time with her from childhood.

Grandmother often took Ellie to her home after school or on weekends, and they spent evenings together having heartfelt conversations.

Энн на примерке платья в подвале

The woman told her granddaughter for a long time about her youth, about how she met her grandfather and fell in love with him,

about the first date, about the secrets of femininity in clothes.

Of course, any girl understands that times are not the same, but the image of a young and loving grandmother remains with her forever.

Once, after such a warm conversation, the grandmother showed her wedding dress, which she still keeps.

The girl fell in love with this dress. When the time came and Ellie got married, she decided to wear her grandmother’s dress.

It really suited the girl. Ellie felt happy in this dress. It was something dear and close to the heart. Grandmother looked at her granddaughter with love .

Perhaps she remembered how she herself once got married in this dress. She was happy for Ellie. The girl looked amazing.

Even though the dress is over 60 years old, it didn’t look old-fashioned at all. Ellie did not even have to redo it, the dress sat so beautifully on her figure.

The girl just gave the dress to dry cleaning and it began to look like new. She was sure that the dress carries positive energy and will become her talisman.

After all, her grandmother married in it for great love, which means that the dress will bring love and happiness to her.

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