12-year-old girl becomes Instagram star

Yulia Perova has been living in Australia for two years now. They moved to this green continent from Moscow.

It was not easy to decide to move. However, family circumstances outweighed and they was forced to leave their homes, friends and homeland.

12-летняя девочка становится звездой Инстаграма
At first, Yulia regretted the move. But slowly she was drawn into a new life. After all, many people dream of life in Australia.

Australia is an amazing continent with incredible natural beauty, comfortable climatic conditions, a developed economy and a high standard of living.

And soon Yulia became convinced that Australia was the best place for a long and happy life.

12-летняя девочка становится звездой Инстаграма

Things were completely different for Catherine. Katya is the daughter of Yulia Perova. The girl was twelve years old when she and her mother came to Australia.

She was a reserved child by nature. Katya didn’t have many friends. Only with her friends Katya felt free. The girl could not get used to the new school.

She did not like the teachers or her classmates. Everything was diffe rent. Yulia noticed that Katya was not interested in anything.

The girl completely stopped playing. She refused new impressions.

12-летняя девочка становится звездой Инстаграма

The girl shut herself up. After talking with the teacher , Yulia realized how lonely her girl was.

Katya’s transitional age also contributed to bad mood. After all, girls at this age do not always understand that beauty is not long legs and a pretty face.

True beauty is inside beautiful and smart heads and kind hearts.

12-летняя девочка становится звездой Инстаграма

Beauty is a kind attitude towards others, a positive attitude, good manners and many things that are not yet related to appearance.

Her mother helped Katya understand all this. Yulia opened an Instagram account for her daughter and arranged a photo shoot with a professional photographer.

12-летняя девочка становится звездой Инстаграма

Professional photographers helped Katya to fully reveal herself in front of the camera, to feel at ease and confident.

With the help of a professional, the pictures turned out to be bright and natural. Professional equipment conveyed the sincerity, spontaneity and depth of the girl’s character as best as possible.

12-летняя девочка становится звездой Инстаграма

The process of a photo session takes place in the form of a fun and exciting game.

Therefore, every child most often remembers precisely such wonderful moments.

Seeing herself from the side, Katya believed in herself, in her own strength. In addition, more than fifty thousand subscribers gives her even more self-confidence.

12-летняя девочка становится звездой Инстаграма

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