This man has been living in the mountains without people for almost 40 years. This is what he looks like now

Мodern people aspire to big cities where there are high developed technologies and amenities.

Few people want to live without electricity or the Internet.

Technology has completely swallowed up our world and have become indispensable things and companions for us.

In our days nobody can live without a phone, tablet, computer, smart watch, smart coffee maker or robot vacuum cleaner.

We have surrounded ourselves with small things that are pleasant and comfortable for us, so that we feel more comfortable.

Аргентинец живет в горах без благ цивилизации уже 40 лет
An amazing man, Argentinean Pedro Luca has been living in a cave all his life.

One day the man realized that he wanted to be closer to nature and live like his ancestors.

He left home and settled in a cave in the mountains. He does not use any facilities.

Аргентинец живет в горах без благ цивилизации уже 40 лет

Every day Pedro goes hunting or to the forest to get food. He keeps goats and chickens in the cave.

According to the man this kind of life has its own philosophy. It does not depend on technology.

He does not watch TV with bad news and hangs on the Internet for days.

In his free time from hunting, a man likes to look at the sky and think about the meaning of life. He gets up every day at 5 am and lights a fire.

The fire flame has its own unique energy that energizes for the whole day.

Pedro believes that the world has moved away from nature and from the ancestors.

Modern society will not be able to live without technology in its current state.

Without high technology, it will even be impossible to feed the population.

Without technology, society will have to somehow transform from modern technological to agrarian.

Despite the attempt to refuse the benefits of civilization in all such cases,

people are forced to turn to modern medical care and communication services and purchase some high-tech goods.There is another option – a retreat. But it is useful only to individuals, and not to society as a whole.

Conclusion, modern society not only cannot refuse scientific achievements and technologies, it must develop them,

otherwise society will not be able to solve the problems of overpopulation, water, energy.

Pedro is a one-of-a-kind example of survival in the wild. He became famous throughout Argentina.

Children and tourists are even taken on a tour to his cave. Pedro is already 80 years old.

However, he looks very energetic. According to him, he is healthy because he lives alone with nature, which gives him strength.

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