This house is not only black from the outside, but also everything inside the house is black. The view of the house is simply stunning

In the US, a black and gray mansion with a very glo omy interior is up for sale. The property is located in Illinois.

Such a house is ideal for a night’s sleep, but perhaps not very comfortable for living during daylight hours.

The two-story mansion in the city of Lincoln, made in the Gothic style, is a unique design project.

It was put up for sale for $250,000. Externally, the mansion has the shape of an octagon. It has 2 bedrooms, a spiral staircase,

but the main thing that distinguishes it from all other houses is the gloomy color scheme.

Despite the large windows providing sufficient light, the house is quite dark even during the day․

At first, the owner of the building thought to paint only the tiled roof black, but then decided that the whole house should be black.

However, the owner does not consider this house gloo my, pointing to sources of natural and artificial lighting.

However due to the solid dark surfaces, the house is rather dark. Initially, the owner bought the house for $75,000, but after the design and renovation work done, he tripled the cost.

From the side of the street, only the inconspicuous back of the garage is visible, and the house itself is hidden behind it and behind the trees.

The garage is designed for 3 cars. Inside, even during the day you have to burn electricity.

The kitchen and bathroom are slightly brighter thanks to more lighter surfaces. According to the owner, there are no contraindications for living in this house ․

A spiral staircase leads to the second floor. There are bedrooms, a tiled bath and shower.

Black is the most controversial color. Somebody can love it with all your might and consider it exquisite.

There are black lovers who prefer it both in clothes and at home. And there are people who feel uncomfortable in black.

Such people prefer light colors in the interior. Whatever it was, the black mansion attracts more and more attention.

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