The woman not only dresses in red, but everything around her is red, even the inside of the house. Would you live in a house like this?

The character of a woman can be recognized by the color of the clothes that she most often prefers to wear.

Some people believe in it, some don’t. It is believed that women who love red in clothes have a strong character, they are purposeful and persistent.

But there is another category of women. These are shy and insecure women who hide their complexes behind red clothes.

Which of these statements refers to a teacher from Bosnia, we do not know. A woman has been wearing red clothes for forty years and even has colored her hair red.

Боснийская дама провела всю свою жизнь в красном
The red color of clothes attracts the attention of others. This color can increase efficiency. But a woman feels completely calm and confident in this color.

According to her, she started wearing red when she was 18 years old and still hasn’t changed her habits. Red is not only her clothes and hair, but everything around her.

The entire renovation of the house is done in red, the walls, floor and ceiling are also painted red. She and her husband have a red bed and red dishes.

Боснийская дама провела всю свою жизнь в красном
Red is proven to be the most popular color. And scientists say that the color red has the strongest electromagnetic field.

A person feels red color even through the closing of the eye. Red color has a strong effect on the brain.

From this color, breathing and pulse quicken, pressure and body temperature may increase.

Боснийская дама провела всю свою жизнь в красном

Whether the woman in red thinks about it, we do not know. But given the fact that she has surrounded herself with red on all sides, it is likely that this color gives her confidence.

For so many years, residents of the city and students have become accustomed to the color preferences of women.

However every person has the right to choose what color of clothes to wear.

Боснийская дама провела всю свою жизнь в красном

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