Grandpa built a beautiful three-story treehouse for his grandkids

All children love to play climbing trees in their childhood. They make shelters for themselves and build houses.

Even adults build houses on trees in different designs. Grandfather built such a house for his grandchildren that exceeded all expectations.

Jay had two grandchildren whom he loved very much. However, due to the fact that they lived in another city they did not see each other often.

When the children came to visit their grandparents, they tried to arrange a holiday for them,

always coming up with interesting entertainment and cooking various goodies.

They had their own house near the forest. And the man came up with the idea to build a tree house for his grandchildren.

After some thought about the design, Jay started building.

He approached the matter very seriously since he was a builder by profession himself.

The first step was to choose the right tree.

The choice fell on a tree with spreading branches and a strong trunk. A month later the house was ready.

It turned out to be not just a children’s house, but a real home with all amenities. Jay built three floors, on each floor he made a balcony.

A staircase made of birch logs led upstairs, and from top to bottom it was possible to go down on a hill.

The tree did not made any support, it sprouted through the house. Holes were made on every floor for branches, and branches with leaves were every room.

On the first floor a caring grandfather put rocking chairs, and on the top floor a sofa and hammocks.

From the third floor there was a very beautiful view of the forest. On the second floor there was a wicker table and chairs where childs could have a bite to eat or drink juice.

The house became a real surprise not only for children, but also for their parents. No one has ever had such a tree house.

The whole family enjoys spending time on the balcony with a cup of coffee.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the grandfather, the grandchildren began to ask to visit them more often.

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