Flower-shaped lanterns right in the center of the city. Indeed, they look wonderful

Each city is unique in its own way. Cities are like people, each has its own past and present.

There are ancient cities with historical architecture, there are new cities with interesting design ideas.

Today, architects in all countries are trying to decorate cities with various sculptures, buildings and art objects.

Удивительные уличные фонари в Иерусалиме

There is not such a city on earth that would not have remarkable monuments or newfangled structures.

The city of Jerusalem is famous for its ancient history. The city is of historical value.

However, even there, modern designers are trying to modernize the streets and create distinctive and eye-catching street design objects.

This time we will pay attention to unusual lanterns. Lanterns always create a special urban atmosphere.

They are considered an important and beautiful part of the art of the city.

Lanterns are still an interesting attraction for photographers and artists.

Huge lanterns in the form of red poppies are installed on the streets of Jerusalem.

Расцветающие фонари в Иерусалиме!

They are special not only for their appearance. Lanterns react to movement and open their heads as soon as a person approaches.

Thus, under the lanterns, you can protect yourself from the sun and rain. This is not just a way of lighting, but real masterpieces of art.

Near such lanterns, you want to stop and enjoy the moment.

These are unique art objects that gave the city a new look. Lanterns decorate modern cities and give people a good mood.

It is impossible to imagine the streets of beloved city without street lamps.

Like any part of the street, a lantern can either decorate it or spoil the view, littering an already overloaded space.

Lanterns are an integral part of urban infrastructure.

They provide urban lighting, but are also the embodiment of designer ideas.

In the future, city authorities plan to abandon streetlights and introduce smart lighting into cities.

These will be lamps built into buildings. However, we still hope that lanterns will not completely disappear from the cities.

These Flower Lamps Bloom When People Stand Under Them | Bored Panda

Indeed, in ancient cities, lanterns are a historical value. The first street lamps gave relatively little light, since they used ordinary candles and oil.

The use of kerosene made it possible to significantly increase the brightness of lighting,

but the real revolution of street light happened only at the beginning of the 19th century, when gas lamps appeared.

Although today’s lanterns are powered by electricity, they have not lost their

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