After buying the house, the owners found a secret room. What they found surprised everyone in the room

An interesting discovery was made by an Italian family in their house when they began to make repairs. In Italy,

the family decided to sell their apartment in the city and move to the countryside. They began to look for a house not very expensive, but durable.

They liked the two-story house, which, although built a long time ago, was made of durable stone. They decided to buy a house and renovate it.

When the repair work reached the stairs, the workers found that the stairs leading to the second floor were opening.

The new owners were very surprised. Moving the stairs aside, they found another room underneath.

Итальянцы нашли тайную комнату под лестницей в новом доме
The house has been empty for a long time, and before that the owners changed several times.

It was not known who exactly made the secret room there and for what purpose. The room at first glance was littered with rubbish and unnecessary things.

What was not there. Folding tables and chairs lined the walls, and a pile of old crockery lay in the middle of the room.

The owners began to take out unnecessary things and found something valuable. On the top shelf was a case of expensive vintage wine that was released in the 1970s.

Итальянцы нашли тайную комнату под лестницей в новом доме

All the bottles have remained intact for so many years. Besides the fact that the wine was very good, it was of value as a rarity, since its production was suspended.

Another valuable find was a rare book from an old publishing house. The book, although a bit worn, is still very well preserved. The room was small, only 20 square meters.

The owners decided to use it as a pantry. They never found out for what purpose the room was built and why it was hidden under the stairs.

Perhaps earlier there was a wine cellar or a library, and then it became a place to store all kinds of rubbish.

In any case, it was very interesting to find it in the house, and all the more pleasant to find valuable things from the past in her.

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