A man made an unusual kitchen table top from lids he collected for 5 years

Today, handmade techniques in home interiors are gaining popularity. Very often people bring some original additional elements to the design of their home.

It can be vine caps, coins, bottles and more. A man has been collecting beer caps for countertop decor for five years.

необычная столешница кухонного стола из пивных крышек

Caps from bottles of beer, mineral water and carbonated drinks are an excellent material for crafts and decoration of various surfaces.

Необычная столешница для кухни - из чего сделать?

A number of features make them a more convenient, beautiful and versatile raw material for creativity than plastic lids.

Covers can be bent, soldered, nailed, fastened with lei, cement.

необычная столешница кухонного стола из пивных крышек

A more up-to-date and practical way is to fill lids with epoxy. The surface acquires a smooth and shiny appearance, in addition, the resin fastens the covers together.

In this case, it is not necessary to glue the covers in advance, just lay them in the pattern. And so the young man did after laying the lids on the countertop.

For his work, he used 2,500 caps. At first, the guy planned to make some kind of pattern or picture out of the lids, but in the end he folded them in the form of a gradient.

необычная столешница кухонного стола из пивных крышек

A table made of beer caps and epoxy was a great solution for a boring home interior.

The creation of the bottle cap tabletop required careful sorting, planning and stacking.

But in the end, the guy managed to create a truly unique countertop that added vibrant colors and personality to his kitchen.

необычная столешница кухонного стола из пивных крышек

The guy also made the table top with his own hands, specially making high edges for pouring epoxy resin.

The countertop was installed in the kitchen and carefully leveled to avoid problems when he was pouring epoxy.

The guy applied the epoxy in several thin coats, which resulted in a smoother finish with fewer air bubbles, plus it helped to prevent the lids from floating up,

which could mess up the whole project. The countertop adds color and personality to the kitchen

необычная столешница кухонного стола из пивных крышек

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