11-week-old baby girl says her first word

Children develop quickly and learn new skills. However most of them just babbled at two months or say simple syllables da-da or ba-ba.

However, this little girl surprised not only her parents but also netizens. The baby’s name is Ilai. When she was born, her mother became the happiest.

She wanted to give her daughter as much attention as possible. While she was pregnant, she constantly talked with the baby, read fairy tales to her and sang lullabies.

Ila was born at term and developed rapidly. Already at the age of three weeks she began to sing along with her mother when she put her to bed.

11 week old baby says her name - YouTube

The girl roared when they read fairy tales to her or just talked..

The real surprise for the parents was when, at the age of three months, Ila began to pronounce her name.

The first words for children are mom or dad, but Ila decided to start with her own name.

At first, the mother of the child thought that it seemed to her or it happened by chance.

But the girl called her name again and again. That was incredible. The woman took a video and posted it on her page.

Users could not believe that this was possible. Under the video wrote a lot of enthusiastic comments.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the evolution of all living organisms is also taking place. Perhaps in the future all children will develop and talk earlier.

11 week old baby says her name - YouTube

Or maybe Ila is just an exception and she has a talent. Perhaps in the future she will grow up as a talented child and make many discoveries.

We do not know what the future holds for the baby, but today she is just a long-awaited child who pleases her parents with her achievements.

The young mother promised to continue uploading videos with the baby’s new words.

The child has become very popular on the net, because it is not every day you can see a child who talks at three months.

Little Ila is lucky that she has such a caring and loving mother, who is ready to devote every minute to her daughter.


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