These little quintessences are simply miracles. Just look at their photos. Indeed, they are wonderful

When small children are born in a family, the parents’ way of life completely changes. Children are a big responsibility.

Before you decide to take such a step, you need to mentally and emotionally prepare. Jamie and Scarlet already had two adult children when Scarlett became pregnant for the third time.

She and her husband were delighted, as they always dreamed of a third child. However, at the next examination, they were told that quintuplets would be born.

Despite everything, the couple decided that this was happiness that God sent them.
Quadruplets and even quintuplets began to be born more often.

With age, the likelihood of multiple pregnancy in a woman increases, but why this happens is not known.

Quintuples are born extremely rarely only in one case out of 55,000,000 pregnancies. For comparison, fraternal twins are born much more often: for every 80-90 births, there is one twin.

And in recent years, thanks to the development of reproductive technologies, much more twins and triplets have been born.

With the birth of the kids, Scarlet and Jamie became parents of many children.

Taking care of five babies is very difficult, but the couple cope. According to them, older children help them a lot.

Their whole day consists of swaddling, feeding, bathing and walking. Despite the difficulties, Scarlet is very happy and loves all her children more than anything.


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