The man found an old barrel full of bees. He opened the barrel and was amazed.

Wild bees, in comparison with domestic counterparts, are characterized by great working capacity and endurance. Insects have good health,

they are able to adapt to different weather conditions. There are many discusses about the habitats, the benefits of honey,

the diet of bees, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of breeding.

The favorite natural habitat of bees is forest plantations, forests. The main condition is remoteness from roads, industrial centers, human settlements.

The main condition is the presence of a spacious place, protected from direct sunlight and strong winds. It is very important that there is a reservoir nearby.

For this reason, bees are often found in rocky or earthen crevices. Over time, wild bees preferred to settle next to people, which is why insects often choose an attic,

a nook in a barn or garage for housing. This is exactly the story that happened to a man who discovered a family of bees in his yard. In his yard,

old barrels hung on the hedge, which adorned the fence. Once the man noticed bees near the barrels.

Looking inside, he saw that all the barrels were full of bees. He decided not to destroy them, but to move them to the hive.

To do this, he called his friend beekeeper, who, with the help of special soothing oils, lured the bees into the hive and took them with him.

Catching wild bees is not so easy. They differ from domestic bees in greater aggre  ssiveness, and their poison is more to  xic.

In addition, a wild bee is very selective about building its own home. They will be difficult to move elsewhere. Often the bee does not take root.

To catch wild bees, beekeepers use a special tr  ap, which is made from ordinary plywood, and also carry out various manipulations.

Only a professional can handle this task. It is not allowed to engage in the capture of wild bees on your own.

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