The Magical Transformation of an 80-Year-Old Woman: Before and After Photos

Cosmetics and smart make-up can work wonders. Women begin to use cosmetics even in early adolescence, the advantages of cosmetic products

are that they can emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings. But if in youth there is no need to carefully select cosmetics in order to hide

something, age-related makeup is like walking through a minefield. It is necessary to learn how to properly hide wrinkles, make the oval of the face clearer,

even out the tone. The right make-up will easily reset a woman’s 10 years, and the wrong make-up will age the woman even more.

The worst thing a woman of age can do is to continue to use bright shadows and lipsticks, mercilessly cover her face with self-tanning foundation and grow giant eyelashes.

Before you start applying make-up, you need to take into account some features of age-related makeup associated with changes in the epidermis.

Young make-up artist Julie Stehan has a good sense of style during applying make-up. She decided to please her grandmother and decided to give her anti-aging makeup.

Her main goal was to preserve her grandmother’s facial features as much as possible, and with the help of cosmetics tried to hide wrinkles.

The elderly woman began to look twenty years younger.

Such a transformation surprised everyone, and all thanks to the well-chosen tones and technique. According to the girl, the make-up colors should not be bright,

but the tones should be refreshing, so they will have a rejuvenating effect. To figure out how to make excellent makeup for aging skin,

we need to gradually analyze the nuances of the technique of applying cosmetics to different areas. Following these tips, we can rejuvenate our face for several years,

highlight the advantages and completely hide the flaws. A woman at any age wants her seed to feel beautiful and well-groomed,

because when she is young at heart, age does not matter.

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