The exterior and interior of this house simply amazes everyone. This house was built using a printer. Just look inside

Houses built with a 3d machine no longer seem like fantasy, but are real projects.

Ten years ago, no one would have believed that you can make a house just by loading its layout into a printer.

This technology is becoming increasingly part of our lives.

Now you can easily buy and use compact 3d printers for printing three-dimensional figures, as well as 3D pens right at home.

On such equipment, prostheses, various forms, layouts and much more are already being created. Now they are building houses.

A couple from Holland became the first to purchase a house printed with the help of 3d machine.

The house is one-story, has the form of a concrete building. The couple explained their laconic choice so that the house does not stand out much and catches the eye.

The area of the house is small, about 50 square meters.

The house consists of 24 individual elements that were printed at the factory and installed in a pre-prepared foundation.

This is a new way that makes it possible to construct house frames without human intervention. In the future,

it is planned to use this technique for laying engineering networks, as well as a number of finishing works.

But so far, 3d printers are used only for the construction of frames and enclosing structures.

When the decision was made to use a 3d printer in construction, one of the main issues was the choice of building material.

When exiting the printer, it had to hold its shape well and harden fairly quickly.

As a result, on the basis of special additives, a special concrete was created, which quickly hardens and has a consistency suitable for equipment.

3d construction technology is convenient and practical, all work is done by machines and computers.

It is not yet known what all this will lead to, but the technique itself is quite interesting. Perhaps in the future, thanks to this we will build buildings much faster.

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