Couple break world record for most costume change illusions in 1 minute

A beautiful and incredible show in which the illusionist and his helper show different tricks effectively played with background music, special effects, sparkles,

serpentine, colored foil, balloons and other holiday paraphernalia cannot leave anyone indifferent, from children to adults.

Among the many tricks of getting out of the ropes and getting the rabbits out of the top hat, the dressing up trick occupies a special place.

In fact, it is indeed a very unforgettable number. A beautiful assistant (and they are selected according to certain parameters,

so they are almost always tall, slender beauties) performs dance moves, during which she manages to change clothes several times.

Doing this, the illusionist covers it for a moment with a special sheet , a large collapsible cylinder, or sprinkles it with a heap of shiny foil.

As a result, every time a completely new look in clothes. That short and red, then long and green, again short, but already orange, then purple and so on.

Variety and style knows no bounds. The record holders in this type of focus are the couple and colleagues Avery Chin and Sylvia Lim.

Most costume change illusions in one minute | Guinness World Records

They set a Guinness record for changing clothes 19 times in a minute. Mastering such tricks requires a very careful study of part and a lot of rehearsals,

because any little thing can be noticeable to the audience. The grandiose shows of magicians delight with their diversity.

They create visual effects that even cinema can envy. And one of the most effective. but at the same time safe, tricks is the trick with dressing up.

The couple became known to the whole world. They often tour different countries. In the near future they are preparing new numbers that will undoubtedly become a sensation.

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