Senior Rescue Dog takes its role as “Best Puppy” very seriously

An unusual wedding ceremony took place in a small town in England. The main roles at the wedding were not the bride and groom, but their dog named Rocky.

Their story began long before the wedding. A young man invited a girl he liked on a date and took his dog with him.

The girl didn’t like the guy so much as his dog. She was very fond of animals and agreed to meet again to play with Rocky.

cute dog in wedding

So the couple began an affair. When they started planning the wedding, they decided that Rocky should play a special role.

A dog is man’s best friend. This phrase didn’t come out of nowhere. This animal really has extremely positive energy and can improve the life of the whole family.

Dogs are able to bring people together, give them a reason to be kinder and more attentive to each other. Communication with a dog helps to relieve stre  ss.

Dogs do not have a bad mood – unless the owner is not at home.

cute dog in wedding

Dog breeders and lovers of these four-legged friends very often gather in groups and communicate.

This is an occasion and an opportunity to meet someone and find friends or love.

perrito acostado en un sillón

Also, many have probably heard that if you are with a dog, then you are much more likely to make a good impression on a person.

You will get to know each other more often.

cute dog in wedding

So it happened with the heroes of this story. They met and got married thanks to Rocky. Long before the wedding, they began to rehearse his role with Rocky.

He had to bring the rings to the table. They bought a black suit and a purple tie for the dog. He looked very stylish and cute.

On the day of the wedding, all the guests looked in amazement at the dog in the suit, which carries the rings to the bride and groom.

perrito con traje sentado sobre un sillón

Everything went very well, Rocky coped with his task perfectly, despite the fact that he was already thirteen years old. Many dogs at this age can no longer run fast and become lazy.

Thanks to Rocky, another one family was created.

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