A girl from the village came to town and laughed. However, everyone was surprised when the girl won the beauty contest․

Village has always been distinguished from the city by hard work and living conditions. No matter how much a city dweller works, he does not get as physically tired as a village one.

This story is about a simple village girl who turned into a queen. In one of the Vietnamese villages, a little girl named Roa lived in a family of hard workers.

She was very kind and hardworking. Despite her fragile physique, she helped her parents in everything and was not afraid of hard work.

The older Roa became, the more she understood that there were no prospects for a good life in the village. She really wanted to help her parents.

The girl decided to enroll in evening school courses. So every day, after hard work during the day, instead of resting, she studied in the evenings.

After some time, her diligence gave a result, the girl entered a prestigious city’s university. It was hard for her to leave her family but she knew why she was going.

Roa set herself the goal of getting her parents out of the village.

Life in the city also was not easy. A simple rural girl did not know how to behave in a town environment. Classmates constantly laugh at her and passers-by pointed fingers because of old clothes.

The girl did not despair. She decided to try and take part in the city beauty contest. She did not expect that she would take first place. It was a surprise not only for Roa, but also for all her classmates.

Everyone immediately stopped laughing at her. How often a person is judged by his appearance and financial situation. After all, Roa was a real beauty, just life in the village left its consequences. After that she was invited to participate in a regional beauty contest, in which Roa also took first place.

The girl was happy. With the money she won, she moved her parents from the village to the city. Now Roa continues to study, and in the future she plans to get a job and build a career.

This is the real story of Cinderella.


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