4-year-old takes center stage with heart-melting song

Christian worship is impossible to imagine without singing, and a church without a choir. In the old days, church hymns began to be taught from early childhood.

It is very hard to believe that these little boys and girls from the children’s church choir sing live. Childeren actually have beautiful angelic voices.

When you close your eyes and listen to their song, you understand what a really good vocal is.

Children are dressed in white clothes, they look clean and immaculate, and listening to their amazing singing in a large cathedral, you begin to think about your life and the existence of higher powers.

Jesus at the Center" Live, featuring 4 yr. old Hayley Jones on Vimeo

The human voice is a perfect musical instrument that can cause both sadness and a smile. And when children sing, it is impossible to resist emotions.

Four-year-old Hayley Jones sings every Sunday at the church. The girl has an incredible angelic voice.

When a child sings, not only not knowing musical notation, but not even able to read, one wants to listen endlessly.

Little Hailey turns to God in her song and asks Jesus to be at the center of her life. Her angelic voice in cathedral sounds magical, echoing.

Musical art, especially works performed during worship, requires thoughtfulness and careful study in terms of performance.

It is unbelievable that the performer is only four years old. Both locals and visitors come to listen to the girl. The church even organized a special adult choir that sings along with her.

When Haley starts to sing, she goes completely into singing. The little girl turns to God and believes in him so selflessly that it is impossible to remain indifferent.

All the people in the church keep their eyes on her. The girl comes to church every Sunday with her parents and prays with them. It is very important to instill Christian traditions in children from childhood.

Faith in God gives faith in yourself.


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