Un adolescent humble tire sur la corde sensible avec une chanson country sur America’s Got Talent

Recently, various competitions have often been held on television where they are looking for talented children. One of these competitions is the show “America’s Got Talent”. A lot of talented children and teenagers participated in this show. Someone managed to subdue the judges, someone did not. But one day a girl came to the show, to whom no one remained indifferent. The girl was from Utah.

15-Year-Old Latter-day Saint Country Singer, Kenadi Dodds, Performs on the  "America's Got Talent" Stage - Latter-day Saint Musicians

She loved to sing since childhood. Her dream was to get on stage. When she accidentally saw an advertisement on the Internet, she sent an application for participation. She was happy when she was invited. The day came when she took the stage. The girl was very worried. Her name was Kenady Dodds.

The jury asked her to tell a little about herself. Kenady turned out to be from a poor family who lives in a small town in Utah. They have a vision problem in their family. Her parents can hardly see, and her eyesight is also not very good.

Teenager Kenadi Dodds Impresses Judges with an Original Country Song - America's  Got Talent 2020 - YouTube

Despite all the difficulties, Kenady’s parents did everything for their daughter to get a good education and continue to support her in all endeavors. The judges were very touched by the girl’s story and seem to have already taken a liking to her. But they fell in love with her even more when the girl sang. Kenady chose a country song and played guitar. The girl had a very respectable low timbre and she hit the notes very accurately. It was surprising, she had no musical education. She taught herself to play the guitar, and she has the talent to sing from birth. Kenady conquered not only the judges but the entire auditorium. She was incomparable. After the end of the song, everyone gave a standing ovation. The jury members decided to help the girl and give her a chance to achieve more. Such talented children should not go unnoticed. In addition to musical talent, the girl was very modest and well-mannered, which also had a positive effect on the result of her performance. We wish the talented Kenedy continued success and victories.

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