Two rare coins minted only in the 14th century have been found in England

In the UK, in the English county of Norfolk, rare gold coinаges were found that were stamped during the rule of Edward III. The UK is famous for its gold coins for their quality and beautiful designs. It is not for nothing that among coins history around the world the demand for coinage from foggy Albion does not fall, and not only for ancient, but also modern samples. British gold coins of royal coinage begin their history from the middle of the eighteenth century when King Henry III was the head of Britain.

Since then, each of the kings, replacing his predecessor, minted coins of his own type. Some of the British royal minted gold coins are so rare that they have been preserved in a single copy and are kept in the British National Museum. Each of the coins is primarily of historical value and is of interest to numismatists and collectors around the world, and modern British gold coins are primarily investment.

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Found gold coins are valuable because they are rare specimens. The most expensive of them, the double leopard, weighs about seven grams. Moreover, 6.96 grams of the total weight accounted for pure gold. Unlike his predecessor on the throne, Edward III chose French money, not Florentine, as a role model. Before the reign of Edward III, gold coins were no longer minted and replaced with silver ones. But having come to power in 1344, he repealed this law and put gold coins back into circulation.

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This series of gold coins existed in the English Empire for only a year. And already in August 1344, it was withdrawn from circulation. The reason was that the coins did not fully correspond to their declared denominations. This imperfect series was replaced by a more viable one the same year..

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