This poisonous purple house hides a charming interior

A woman firefighter Niki Davis sold her apartment and bought a house in the form of a van. Davis has always been a very creative and impressionable person.

Toledo tiny house owner can't move in yet due to city regulations | WNWO

She was tired of living in the bustle of the city and decided to change her place of residence. Having bought a house in the form of a wagon, she installed it in the forest.

To make the house stand out, she painted the outside purple and the roof yellow. The house stood out among the green forest and was visible even from afar.

However, inside, Niki made a more relaxed interior in pastel colors. She made all the decoration from wood and left it in its natural form.

It turned out to be a real forest house. Between the walls and the wooden layer, Niki put insulation so that it would not be cold in winter due to metal walls.

To save space, since the house was small, she made two niches under the ceiling. She installed a double bed on one side and a dressing room on the other.

A wooden staircase led to the bedroom. The woman made a small folding staircase to the dressing room, which was hidden in the wall.

All furniture was folded so that space could be freed up if necessary.

The living room and the kitchen were in the same room, but everything looked very harmonious due to the wooden elements in the kitchen.

In the living room there was a sofa that could be turned into a bed at any moment if guests came. Niki was very pleased with her new home.

She liked to come home on foot through the woods after work. And on weekends she invited friends to barbecue, they sit in the fresh air by the fire.

And what else do the person need after the hard work of a fi    re man. In the future, the woman plans to make a beautiful terrace in front of the house,

buy a rocking chair and plant flowers so that she can spend time comfortably on the yard.


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