The owners of the mansion have mysteriously disappeared. All things remained intact

In England, a traveling tourist stumbled upon an abandoned mansion. At first glance there was nothing surprising in the house because there are many abandoned castles, estates and mansions in Europe. However, when he went inside, he was very surprised. The house looked as if people had just left from there, or rather, they had fled in a hurry. The mansion was large with many rooms.

The guy went around the whole house and took pictures. In the living room there were soft sofas with pillows, on which there was not even dust. The kitchen has been equipped according to the latest fashion trends. Washed dishes lay in the sink, and there was a kettle on the stove. The bedrooms had wardrobes full of clothes. Some of the items had brand name tags, most likely the owners were rich.

There was an expensive piano, painted in the Chinese style In one of the rooms, on which there were notes, as if someone had just played Mozart. Judging by the many shelves filled with books, the owners loved to read.

The mysterious mansion was furnished with indoor flowers that did not wither but grew on the walls. According to the notebook lying in the office, the tourist realized that the house had been abandoned in 2016. But what was the reason that the owners left so hastily without taking anything.

There were expensive chinaware in the sideboards, and in the hallway there were clothes from the dry cleaners that were not unpacked. The bathroom had a jacuzzi and a shower, open shampoos and gels stood on the mirror, even toothbrushes were left in their places.

People seemed to disappear in an instant. The yard of the mansion was overgrown with bushes and weeds, tall grass was everywhere. Luxury cars were parked at the back of the house that had rusted over the years. Even more incomprehensible was the fact that after the mysterious disappearance of the owners, no one robbed the house.

The mansion was full of expensive things but everything remained intact. The young man also left everything as it is, only taking a series of photos for his blog.

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