Residential motorhome – a luxurious non-volatile apartment in an aluminum casing

With the development of technology, more and more attention is paid to comfort and coziness. Today’s views on vacation have changed, people are more eager to travel and be on the road than to stay in standard hotels. For these, in recent decades the production of mobile homes has been growing rapidly. One such company is the American company Airstreams which produces the latest models of motorhomes. One of the latest concepts is the LV2020 which is a twenty-four square meter aluminum motorhome.

This mobile home differs from previous models with more powerful batteries that allow to use more powerful household appliances inside, as well as more removable and transformable furniture elements. The whole motorhome is made of aluminum and wood, which are natural clean materials and do not pollute the environment. The interior trim is also made of aluminum, the furniture is made of wood.

On a small area, the company’s developers were able to use the space very competently and do everything necessary for a full life during the trip. In the back of the van there is a sleeping place with a double bed. There is also a spare bed under the ceiling which, if necessary, can be lowered down.

At the front are the kitchen and living room. The kitchen has all the necessary amenities, including even a dishwasher. The living room has a small table with chairs. Also in this part there is a built-in sliding terrace with a barbecue and an additional stove for cooking in the fresh air.

There are windows on the roof of the van, thanks to which it is bright and sunny in the motorhome during the day. There is also a shower room and a toilet. In addition to the above, the motorhome has built-in wardrobes and shelves for things wherever possible. On such a house on wheels, any vacationer will feel at home.

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