A Swedish couple built a greenhouse around the house: it saves food and heat

A Swedish family constructed a glasshouse around their house. The idea may seem crazy if you don’t take a closer look. Sweden has a harsh climate, winter continues about eight months and people spend a lot of money on heating.
The Swedish couple was inspired by the example of a wellknown architect who built a house in the form of a greenhouse in 1974. Since they already had a house, they built a glasshouse around the house. The glasshouse turned out to be not quite ordinary. The roof and most of the windows open with an automatic system.

This is done so that the house does not overheat in the summer. The owners removed the roof of the house, as there was enough glass greenhouse roof. Instead of a roof, they made a large terrace where they put soft sofas, a table and a playground. Relaxing on such a balcony is just great, because during the day you can bask in the sun and in the evening watch the starry sky. A fairly large area remained between the walls of house and the glasshouse, which the couple used as a vegetable garden.

They grow fruits and vegetables that do not grow in their country. For example, they have homemade cucumbers and tomatoes from May to October, and cherries and apricots in summer. There is also a garden with various flowers and ornamental plants. The terrace and window sills are also furnished with flowers.

The greenhouse maintains the temperature in the house. Even when it is already minus outside, the family does not turn on the electricity. This significantly saves the family budget.
In the future, they plan to introduce a system that will keep the heat in the summer and use it in the winter.

The house can already be called smart in many ways. It has a rainwater collection system, which is then used to water the garden and toilet. The family actually lives in a greenhouse, where it is warm and light all year round, and the air is always clean from the abundance of flora around.

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