2.6 billion for the highest penthouse in Europe: we look inside a Moscow apartment, on the 95th floor

In pursuit of a leading position in the construction market companies are trying to design houses that are as unusual and eye-catching as possible.

The highest skyscraper with the most expensive penthouse was built in the center of Moscow.

The penthouse is located on top of a 317-storey building and spans three floors.

These are luxurious apartments that cost more than two million dollars.

A shared elevator leads to the penthouse, and starting from the lower floor, the owner changes to a personal elevator, the doors of which open directly into the apartment.

The apartment is three-storey, made according to the latest design trends.

Stairs lead to the second and third floors and there is also an elevator. All floors have panoramic windows from which the whole of Moscow is visible.

And on the third floor there is a glass roof, through which the sun shines during the day, and at night a beautiful view of the starry sky opens up.

The furniture and decoration of the apartment is made of expensive natural materials in high-tech and modern style.

The owner of the apartment can feel completely like in a luxury hotel room. The apartment covers an area of almost two thousand square meters.

All cleaning of the apartments is carried out at the expense of the developer company, but the utilities are already paid by the owner.

Utility bills for such luxurious apartments will counts to a considerable amount monthly.

Until recently, this penthouse was considered the highest and most expensive, but soon higher apartments will appear in Moscow.

At the moment, three skyscrapers with 407 floors are under construction. Nowadays, the process of global urbanization is developing at a very fast pace.

More and more people aspire to the city, the population is growing, and the territory remains the same.

Therefore, the city authorities are encouraging the construction of skyscrapers to save space and accommodate more residents.

Moscow is not the only city with high-rise buildings. There are a lot of such skyscrapers in densely populated cities of Europe and Ame.


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