This company designs homes that seem straight out of a fairy tale.

Nowadays trends in architecture are increasingly moving towards ecological housing. Many companies around the world try to bring their projects as close as possible to nature and make them from environmentally friendly materials. The Oasis company presented a completely new concept in construction.

They designed green houses that look like nature on the outside. The construction is based on the technique of vertical gardening, which is already widely used in the construction of residential complexes. In China, this method did not take root due to high humidity and improperly selected plants.

Here the engineers of the Oasis company approached the solution of this problem in a completely new way. The area was chosen very carefully. After the whole territory was planted with trees so that it turned out to be a forest. The buildings are built in the form of the number one and have four floors. The living area of each building is approximately 150 square meters. Eco houses of the Oasis company have a unique appearance and interior. They are completely planted and blend in with the environment.

If we look at the houses, it will seem that they do not exist at all and windows hung in the air. This is a bewitching beauty. Residents of such houses can fully feel themselves away from the bustle of the city and alone with nature. Inside the house the interior is also designed very uniquely.

On each floor there are terraces and balconies, on which there are flower pots. All rooms have stained-glass windows through which sunlight enters. The location of the windows is also thought out so that the house was light at any time of the day. For the construction of houses, only environmentally friendly natural materials are used, furniture and wall decoration are also made of wood. All houses are equipped with solar panels, so as not to spend a lot of electricity.

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