These two couldn’t find a bookcase in the shop – so they built it themselves!

In today’s world reading books has become a rarity. The Internet has replaced books, theater and cinema. Fiction or collect dust at home on shelves, or on store shelves. However, there are still people who are fond of reading. Very often people don’t read not because they don’t like it but because they don’t have time. Indeed, these days work takes up more than half of our time, and some people work two or even three jobs.

But this is not about a family from Australia, who not only enjoys books, but also owns their own library. The couple attaches great importance to reading fiction and want to instill a love of reading in their children. They had the idea of making a reading nook, but they didn’t have a bookcase.

They wanted to find something original but they did not find anything suitable in the stores. Then the couple decided to make a shelf themselves. After thinking carefully about the design, they went to a hardware store and bought boards. Next, it was necessary to make 36 boxes without a back wall.

boxes were made in different sizes and then they had to be assembled in a certain sequence on the wall. However, to make it easier to install, and also not to damage the wall they decided to buy a large sheet of plywood and assemble the structure on this sheet. When the sheet was purchased, the last step was to install the shelves.

It turned out an incredibly unusual shelf in the form of a flower. Asymmetrically assembled boxes in the form of shelves looked very stylish and roomy. Then the couple put the books on the shelves. To make it more pleasant for children to read, they placed two comfortable chairs and a small table next to the shelf.

The unusual shelf was liked by all the friends who came to visit. The authors of the idea even took part in the competition “with their own hands” and won a prize. Inspired by the success, they decided to make a couple more pieces of furniture and interior.

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