The architect designed a modern house inside an ancient giant rock

Here is an unique house made in the rock In Saudi Arabia. The author of this amazing building is the Shanghai architect and photographer Amey Kandalagar. He was inspired by the rock tomb complex in Saudi Arabia and decided to try to combine two different architectural styles. No one would dare to mix high-tech with natural style, it was a bold move. The architect used the rock as a base. From different sides of the huge stone, he integrated concrete blocks and platforms. Inside the rock he made stairs and corridors. Each concrete block or terrace consisted of large windows. At first glance it seemed that these blocks had grown into the rock.

The architect did not forget about the convenience. At the top of the cliff, he placed a swimming pool and jacuzzi overlooking the desert. To achieve maximum harmony and balance he tried to make the concrete slabs as smooth as possible. The architector also located them mainly in the upper part of the cliff, so as not to spoil the natural look. He did not use any scenery or stone carving, so that the natural appearance of the rock would not be lost.

All blocks and terraces are made in a minimalist style. For the construction, the architect used the technique of 3D modeling. In the future he plans to build a closed water supply system and plant plants and trees on top of the rock and around it.

With his work the architect wants to show that it is possible to live in harmony with nature. The closer we are to our origins, the calmer our souls will be. There is no need to try to build something chic and bright. After all such a structure will not be in harmony with the natural environment. It is necessary to get into this environment without spoiling it. According to Amey he has several more projects that he is going to implement in the near future. What experiments will the brave architect go through this time, we dont know yet.

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