Engineer invents ‘cabins’ for home less people that warm up in winter

The human brain can be very resourceful. The main thing is to use his inventions for the right and good purposes. The French engineer was very concerned about the fate of the hom  eless. He saw how many of them on the streets of France and in winter these people free  ze. He thought for years about what could be done to save these people. The engineer made a mini igloo, which is a portable module where you can spend the night. The design is made of two layers.

The first and main layer is recycled polyethylene. The engineer used waste polyethylene products, in fact, he is also involved in recycling. The second layer is made of foil and provides warmth inside. The module also has a small solar array that collects solar energy even in winter, if there is even a little sun. Inside the igloo is always warmer by 15 degrees than outside, so even in the harshest winters you can warm up inside.

The module is very mobile, it can be easily moved from place to place. The man produced the first batch at his own expense and hopes that the state will pay attention to this problem and finance his project. After all, people stay on the streets for various reasons. We can not ignore them and not provide proper support.

The engineer has already placed several of these igloos on the streets of Paris, which quickly found their owners. The modules caught the eye of journalists and volunteers. Soon, the engineer-inventor and his goodwill were written in all the newspapers. The man hopes that having received wide publicity, he will be able to open his own company and improve production.

After all, such modules are not only suitable for the ho  meless. We can take them with us on a hike or expedition, they will stand out any weather conditions. In the future, the engineer intends to improve the conditions inside the igloo by building in some domestic amenities.

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