A quirky cafe in Japan will make you feel like you’re in a cartoon

How nice it is to take a walk through the streets of a quiet city in your free time and sit in a colorful cafe. Regardless of whether it is our city or we are passing through there, we can always find something new. Cafes and restaurants everywhere have always been the main city business. The owners are racing to hire the best designers and marketers to make their cafe stand out. Each restaurant has some kind of its own chip to lure more visitors.

Необычное кафе в Японии заставит вас почувствовать себя внутри мультфильма

Someone makes the best service, someone serves exotic dishes but the decisive aspect for visitors is the interior. By looking at the interior design we decide whether we want to have a cup of coffee in this restaurant or not. In all cities of the world, especially if it is a tourist center, there are interesting and original cafes. Tourists often mark the most memorable of them on their social pages. One of these cafes is an iconic cafe in China.

Inside the cafe, all the furniture and interior are made in white and in such a way as if it was all cut out of paper. Entering the cafe, it seems that the visitor got into a comic book. Flowers are painted on the walls, and there are curtains on the windows. The cafe is striking in its unusualness. Chinese designers have exceeded all expectations. Such a comic design immediately turned the cafe into the center of attention. Not only tourists come here, but also locals.

This place is especially liked by teenagers who love comics so much. In addition to the interior design, the cafe also serves interestingly decorated dishes. For example, coffee with a cartoon pattern or a salad with an unusual design.

All dishes are also selected in white. Along the edges black chaotic lines are made that create a 2D effect. There are also black lines along the edges of the furniture to give the tables and chairs a rustic effect. However, people come to this cafe not for coffee, but for bubble tea, which is prepared from different fruits and berries. This lemonade tea has become the hallmark of the cafe.


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