Van “accordion”, which increases 3 times, and adapts to a full-fledged house

In today’s world, you have to live at a fast pace. Every day there are more and more new technologies for comfort and convenience.

And we all quickly get used to the good. And when it comes time to relax, no one wants to give up coziness and comfort.

For this purpose, manufacturers began to produce motor homes, which are equipped with all household amenities.

There are a very large number of motorhome designs, but the most unique is the motorhome introduced by a Dutch designer over thirty years ago.

Despite the fact that during this time more modernized motorhomes were presented, no one repeated the project of the Dutch designer.

The motorhome is a small van with an area of nine square meters.

However, by parking the van in a convenient place and pressing a button, it turns into a house of 30 square meters.

On both sides of the van there are built-in folding terraces that descend. On one side is the bedroom, on the other is the living room.

Everything has been thought of in this house on wheels.

For example, from the side of the living room the roof is made transparent in the shape of a semi-dome, so that you can admire nature.

From the side of the bedroom, the roof is made of dense opaque material, so that you can relax and sleep peacefully.

Inside the van there is a kitchen and a bathroom with all amenities and household appliances.

The roof of the van also opens and it turns into a cabriolet.

With such a motor home, vacationers will not feel that they are away from home.

They will be able to enjoy outdoor recreation and at the same time enjoy all the benefits of modern technologies.

Despite such a convenient concept, the motorhome exists in an indicative copy. Its mass production was never started.

However, the model is still presented at various competitions and exhibitions, and the designer has repeatedly won first places and received awards.


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