They met online, got married, and it wasn’t until months later that she found out he was a millionaire.

How difficult it is to find your soul mate in life, to meet the right person.

More and more often young people are afraid of disappointment and do not start a serious relationship.

It is especially difficult to get acquainted in the era of the development

of network technologies and the Internet when we do not know who we are really talking with.

However a couple from Vietnam was very lucky.

The young man was in charge of a famous clothing brand. He dreamed of meeting a good girl and starting a family.

But he was very afraid that the girl would not love him for real, but would marry him because of the money.

One day he met a pretty girl online and they started talking.

She seemed sweet and natural. A few months later they met and liked each other even more.

All this time he ripped off from his girlfriend that he was rich and did not reveal the secret even before the wedding.

Ten months later the young people decided to get married.

The girl’s parents were against it. They did not trust online dating, but the guy was able to prove to them that his intentions were serious.

Cô hoa khôi xinh đẹp đánh liều yêu xa nửa vòng trái đất, đến khi kết hôn mới biết chồng là đại gia ở Nga-6

The couple played a gorgeous wedding which was remembered by the guests for a long time.

The bride’s dress was adorned with pearls and sparkled and shimmered.

The restaurant also had a very original design.

The entire floor was made of clear glass and there were were flowers and plants underneath.

What was the surprise of the girl when, after the wedding, she found out that her young husband is a successful businessman.

She thought that the wedding celebration was organized on credit.

This is the kind of test the young man gave to his future wife. Now he knows for sure that their marriage is based on love and self-interest.

Dating on the Internet does not always turn into a scam.

There are also stories with happy endings. In a young family two children are already growing up.

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