The parents put the little girl in front of a difficult choice, making the Network laugh

There are a lot of different videos with the participation of kids on the Internet resources.

More and more young parents create pages on various social networks and upload videos of their family and children there.

Particularly popular are videos with the participation of kids.

Their openness and purity are gaining more and more users and collecting a lot of views.

However, among them there are those that do not leave anyone indifferent.

One such video was posted by a young family. Their daughter is barely seven months old and has already begun to roll onto her tummy.

The parents decided to check who the daughter loves more – mom or dad.

And also turned on the camera to film everything on the phone.

But they had no idea what the child’s reaction would be.

When the baby turned from her back to her stomach and reached out to her parents, dad put his hand in front of her.

As soon as the girl wanted to take his hand, and the mother at the same moment put her hand.

And that’s what happened: the baby froze in front of a choice and began to look either at her mother or at her father.

The poor baby couldn’t decide which hand to take. Children are very sensitive by nature.

Their love is pure and boundless. They cannot love one parent more than the other.

Therefore, our little heroine was so confused, she did not want to offend either mom or dad.

She could not understand why she was put in front of such a choice.

This video got a lot of views. No one remained indifferent to the little charmer, who looked with her wide-open eyes either at mom or dad.

They decided not to torture the child with such experiments anymore, but simply to make a video about how the baby grows and changes.

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