The city, where there is no sun for 5 months, receives light from mirrors in the mountains

How often do residents of southern and sunny cities complain about hot weather and plenty of sun.

People often appreciate what they have. After all sunlight is the key to health. Most people are weather dependent.

If there is no sun they develop depression and performance decreases. In different parts of our planet the sun heats differently.

In the polar cities the sun may not set for months, or vice versa. One of these unique cities is the Norwegian city of Rjukan.

Due to the location of the city among the mountains, it always remains in the shadows.

The sun only shines during the winter months. The rest of the year the city is in the shade.

The city was founded over a hundred years ago.

Back in ancient times, architects foresaw how to solve the problem of sunlight deficiency.

They decided to put huge stained-glass mirrors on high-rise buildings and in the mountains which would reflect the sunlight.

However, this idea at that time seemed unrealistic and the authorities did not approve this project.

The city is not small, it sells more than three thousand people.

Due to the lack of sun children often develop beriberi, and adults have immune problems.

For so many years the idea of mirrors has been raised more than once by various scientists and architects,

and only in 2013 the country’s authorities officially approved the mirror installation project.

Today the city is one of the unique cities in which light and shadow always shimmer.

Thanks to the mirrors Ryukan is a very atmospheric and spectacular city, where you want to return again and again.

Residents of the city are already accustomed to such weather conditions.

And even before the installation of mirrors, no one thought to leave their hometown.

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