Husband Spent Years Planting Flowers For His Blind Wife: She Loves The Smell

True love is when people even in old age love and care for each other. Unfortunately true feelings are becoming rarer and rarer.

However an elderly couple from Japan prove the opposite to us. Yukaso and Toshiyuki married fifty years ago.

The most interesting thing in their story is that the wedding was not for love but by agreement of their parents.

But soon after the wedding, they realized that they were made for each other.

Young couple began to live very happy despite the difficu lties.

光失った妻に芝桜を 黒木敏幸さんと靖子さん夫妻 宮崎 - AIR.TV

The Kuroku family was engaged in heavy agricultural labor. There was a lot of work but little income.

However, even in the most difficult moments Yasuko always supported her husband.

After the birth of children the couple decided to take up farming and bought several cows.

Despite the fact that they had to get up very early, take care of cattle and work in the field during the day, their life began to improve.

They were able to provide for and raise children, and then began to save money for travel.

光を失った奥様を笑顔にするために庭を作り続けた男性が国内外で大きな話題に | チャンネル「てみた」

But unfortunately their dreams were not destined to come true.

One morning Yasuko feeled an eye pain and went to the city hospital with her husband. .

The doctors could not make a diagnosis and sent the spouses home.

The next day the woman got worse and worse, and one day she became completely bli  nd.

The doctors couldn’t do anything.

光失った妻に芝桜を 黒木敏幸さんと靖子さん夫妻 宮崎 - AIR.TV

Yasuko was diab-еtic and that may have been the ca use.

Over time, the woman reconciled because her husband tried to surround her with care and love.

Knowing that his wife is very fond of flowers Toshiyuki planted rose flowers in the garden called shibazakura.

They are bright pink in color and bloom almost all summer and autumn, in addition these flowers are fragrant.

宮崎県新富町の黒木さんのお宅のシバザクラです : 宮崎県に引越して

Over the next ten years the man planted flowers in an area of almost three thousand square meters.

Around their house turned out to be a real pink fragrant carpet. Their house became known throughout the area.

Locals and tourists came to see the beautiful flowers and talk to the Yasuko.

The woman enjoyed talking to everyone. Indeed, because of her eyesight she almost always sat at home and did not communicate with anyone.

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