American artist Bob Morehead built a city of 425,000 toothpicks

How many unusual hobbies and interests exist around the world.

Someone collects coins, another collects bottle caps.

But a resident of the United States, Bobby Morehage collects toothpicks and builds cities and fortresses from them.

Bobby has been fascinated with miniature figurines and constructions since his school days.

At first he tried to make them from matches. But then he replaced them with toothpicks.

Художник-самоучка Боб Морхед построил город из 310 000 зубочисток (фото) | Культура | Селдон Новости

To build a city with several towers and houses, a man spends about ten years.

How much concentration and patience is needed to work with such small details.

One of his works consists of 300,000 toothpicks. And this is not the limit.

Bobby has no art education, he is self-taught. However, this is hard to believe when you look at its beautiful buildings.

Now the Man is working on his biggest project. This will be the city where he used 450,000 toothpicks.

He started building this city back in the 1980s and still hasn’t finished it.

According to the man, he does not always have the desire and inspiration.

Sometimes he needs to take a break. And he does not approach his work for several months, doing other things.

The artist’s work is enchanting.

Города из зубочисток | МАМУЛ.ам - Новости из Армении, Арцаха (Нагорный Карабах) и мира

They are exact small copies of real buildings of fortresses and palaces.

He builds all the details very carefully and makes patterns and grooves that sometimes it seems that these are real cities, only without inhabitants.

Morehage’s works became famous. A lot of people want to see them not in pictures, but in reality.

Bob has not yet decided whether he will show them at exhibitions and sell them or not.

After all, so much work and time has been spent on them that they are priceless. In fact, he spent his whole life on his hobby.

But many people have already appeared who want to purchase such unique decorations.

And also many who want to order something from the master.

But Bob says that he does what his soul asks. He cannot work to order and within time limits.

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