A 9-year-old artist “sells” his best paintings to shelters. That is why

Kindness will save the world. This is exactly what a young talented artist from the small town of Arzamas thinks.

Pavlik is nine years old and he loves animals very much. And also the boy is a talented artist.

When he lost his beloved cat, he decided to come up with a way to help homeless animals.

The boy is very fond of drawing animals and decided to draw portraits of pets to order and exchange them for food for homeless animals.

He told his mother about his idea.

She decided to open a group on social networks and write the contacts of the young artist.

A lot of people responded and Pavel began to draw. News of the young volunteer spread throughout the city.

The portraits were very different.

Pavel especially liked to meet with his customers and get acquainted with the pets when he brought them portraits.

And he took all the food to the animal shelter. The boy began to be contacted not only from the city, but also from other countries.

His paintings have scattered all over the world. Sometimes there are so many orders that the boy does not have time to draw so much.

After all, Pavel also has a school and lessons. The young artist wants to manage everything.

A nine-year-old boy is an example of how we can change the world for the better with kindness and care.

If each of us helps at least one person or animal, the world will become a little better.

The mother of little Pavel says that since childhood his son grew up as a very kind and warm-hearted child.

He never passed a cat or dog on the street, he always brought home sick animals and nursed them.

The boy dreams of becoming an architect-builder and building a large animal shelter, which will have all the amenities.

There are no volunteer organizations in Arzamas and the boy became the first. He already has assistants.

Perhaps many will follow his example and there will be fewer stray dogs in the city, and their life will improve in the shelter.

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