This is what the girl who was born 2 years ago with thick hair looks like now

All children are various and different from others. For each mother, her child is unique and inimitable,

but sometimes such children are born who are really very different from other babies.

It happened in one Bulgarian family when the second girl was born.

The baby had thick black and long hair, even the doctors admitted that they never had seen such thing in their practice.

The girl was completely healthy. She had no abnormalities and anomalies.

She just had long hair. The girl’s mother began to take care of her hair from the first days of her life.

She bought only high-quality and natural shampoos and balms. When the child was two years old her hair was already reached the waist.

The girl was so different from her peers that wherever they went, passer-by, friends and acquaintances could not take their eyes off her.

It is interesting that none of the relatives or grandparents had such thick hair.

The mother of baby girl started a social page where she posts photos and videos with her daughter.

The young internet star has become very popular and recognizable everywhere.

The baby’s mom makes her the most interesting incredible hairstyles so the girl looks like a young supermodel.

They were repeatedly offered to cut her hair and sell it. However, both the girl and the parents refused.

The child likes her long hair and they are not going to cut it.

The birth of a second child was a happy event in the family they were very much looking forward to the birth of the baby.

The eldest girl was especially happy, she wanted to have a sister so much.

The unique baby girl brought the family closer together. When she was one year old the parents registered their marriage and officially became a family.

Genetics is an amazing thing. And we never know what qualities and external signs our children will inherit from us or from our ancestors.

For any mother, her child is the most beloved and unique, no matter whom he will be looks like.

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