The Japanese built the most unusual house in the country: it is all kept on one staircase

The man traveled to different countries and collected photos of unusual places.

Arriving one day in Japan, he saw on his way a house hanging in the air. He came closer and saw that the house stood on one narrow staircase.

The man had never seen such an architectural project anywhere before.

He knocked on the door to talk to the owners and ask what was the reason to construct such kind of house, but no one was at home.

The house consisted of one floor, which was set on one staircase.

The traveler thought that building such a house was senslessly in Japan because there are often ground tremors in this country.

Having photographed the house, he sent the photo to his friends, and also posted it on his social networks.

It seemed to everyone that he had photoshopped and could not hold the whole house on one narrow support.

Then the man downloaded pictures from navigation maps to prove to everyone that such a house really exists.

A river flowed in the background next to the house.

The tourist suggested that perhaps during the rainy season the water rises to such a level that it covers the houses and the village.

Maybe the owners built a house high above the ground to protect themselves from water.

Even if this theory is real, it is still not clear why they did not make stronger supports in all corners, but left only the stairs.

To keep the balance of the house in this form, it is needed to do compound calculations.

Most likely, the owner simply had a good imagination and decided to experiment so their house was different and conspicuous.

Whatever it was, the house is a unique architectural solution and so far the only copy of its kind.

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