The guy visited his grandmother’s house, which had been abandoned for 50 years․ What he found there surprised everyone.

All of us in childhood loved to visit our grandmothers. There has always been a lot of interesting things.

Grandmothers, as a rule, always had old houses in which there were many interesting and mysterious corners of cellars and attics.

However, the hero of our story was never lucky enough to see his grandmother.

When he inherited his grandmother’s house, she was no longer alive. He had never been in this house before and did not even know where it was.

He knew about his grandparents from his mother stories. Only after he entered into the rights of the inheritance,

he finally decided to go and look at the house of his ancestors. Arriving at the right place by the address,

he saw a large old manor that was in a deplorable state. Most likely, no one has lived in the house for more than half a century,

all the walls are overgrown with shrubs and moss, and covered with mold from the inside.

But the most interesting thing in this house was that boxes with shoes were scattered all over the rooms,

there were a huge number of them – men’s, women’s and even children’s.

All shoes were in excellent condition and were of very good quality.

The man decided to delve into the archives of his family and found out that at the beginning of the 20th century his ancestors had

a large shoe store where branded shoes were sold and no one knew that so many shoes remained unsold and were preserved in such good condition.

The man decided to open an exhibition of antique shoes.

A lot of designers and people involved in antique business became interested in this shoe.

He sold several pairs to branded designers for a very good price.

It is surprising that for so many years the shoes have not deteriorated at all and have not lost their appearance, although the house was very damp.

Who knows how many more secrets this old mansion keeps and perhaps over time a man will discover many more interesting antiques there.

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