People laughed at the price of a house with a dirt and grass roof, but then they walked in and the laughter stopped

A strange building grew up in a field among the bushes.

Neighbors in the neighborhood watched as a man bought a collapsed house and built something in its place.

The house was in a sorry state. However, the new owner seems to be even happy.

He dug a hole all around, covered the roof with earth, and planted grass there.

Further, all the work continued inside and no one saw what was happening there.

After a couple of months, he invited curious onlookers to see his house from the inside.

Externally, the house looked like a nondescript dugout. But what was inside is impossible to describe.

The house consisted of two blocks, the back of which was completely glass.

Between the blocks was a narrow passage that led to the backyard.

Approaching the house from the front, only a dilapidated roof overgrown with grass is visible.

So no one suspected what beauty is inside.

In the backyard there was a swimming pool and a relaxation area with rocking chairs.

The interior design was no less fantastic. In the first block there was a kitchen and a living room,

and in the second a bedroom with a bathroom.

All the light came through the huge front windows , there were no separate windows.

The living room had a large sofa with armchairs, a fireplace and a carpet,

which created a dark atmosphere for evening gatherings with family or friends.

The bedroom was no less cozy, with a soft rug spread out in front of the huge bed.

The entire interior was decorated in soft colors, which gave the house additional comfort and tranquility.

According to the owner of the house, He chose this design for a reason.

He wanted the house not to stand out from the outside and not attract too much attention.

He does not like noisy companies and frequent guests,

this is why he decided to buy a house away from the city and bring his idea to life.

Well, we can only envy such a bold decision.

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