A very strange apartment has been put up for sale in London for $1.5million

An apartment with a very strange layout is put up for sale for $ 1 million in realtor’s ads in the capital of Britain.

The apartment is described as quite ordinary and it is not clear why it costs so much.

However, when we look at the apartment closer, we understand that it is planned in a very strange way.

All buyers who were interested in the apartment after they look at it, immediately refuses to buy it.

The house is consist of two bedrooms, kitchen, guest room and a pool.

The first and main incomprehensible thing is that the floor in one of the rooms is made of transparent glass from,

under which there is a pool. It is constantly treated with bleach and the smell of bleach spreads throughout all the rooms.

And secondly, it turns out that everyone who wants to swim in the pool will be visible to other households who are in a room with a glass floor.

Another oddity of the apartment is that both bedrooms are planned in such a way that only a single bed can fit in them,

which makes them unsuitable for couples and children.

There are three huge refrigerators In the kitchen for some reason and the kitchen is very small itself.

After the clients look at the apartment, they cannot give an unambiguous answer why the apartment is so planned and why it costs so much.

According to one of the real estate agents, the apartment was renovated in this way specifically for the purpose of renting it out for various parties. This fact somehow explains such an interior.

But why, then, realtors do not write about this in ads so that people know what they will buy and what to pay such a large amount for.

It turns out If a married couple decides to buy this apartment, they will have to completely redo it, while spending a large amount of money.

Most likely, the owner of the apartment is silent about these facts in order not to reduce the cost of the apartment,

since any family having bought it must also spend the same amount on repairs and alteration of the layout.

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